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We believe that the research conducted by southern hemisphere scientists is some of the best in the world but is underrepresented on the global stage. The Sci21 project will entertain, inform and inspire interest in the science of tomorrow by producing a series of high-impact professionally filmed webcasts from leading scientists in fields such as human health and nutrition, climate change, the natural environment, urbanisation and natural disasters. Topics will reflect New Zealand's National Science Challenges as well as other areas we feel are critical to our world in the coming century. Content will focus on our top-flight New Zealand scientists, but they will be joined by experts from around the southern hemisphere and globally in order to add international perspective.

Our Vision

To entertain, inform and inspire interest in the science of tomorrow.

Our Mission

• To create engaging presentations in science topics that will shape the 21st century
• To profile cutting edge science and scientists in the Southern Hemisphere
• To educate and foster a love of science through ‘edutainment’
• To mentor emerging science communicators to engage with the public.

The Sci21 Team:

Concept Design and Production:

Steve Pointing (Auckland University of Technology)

Science Media Advisory

Stephen Archer (Auckland University of Technology)

Susannah Dalton (Auckland University of Technology)

Peter Griffin (Science Media Centre)


Calvin Sang

Presentation skills coach

Maggie Eyre


School of Science, Auckland University of Technology
LCT Promotions
Eyes and Ears Ltd
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