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Submit a video

Sci21 Open is an open source science media communication platform that gives opportunity for young and emerging science communicators to showcase their talent. The focus is on science that is new and groundbreaking but also has general appeal.

Contributors: please read the guidelines and submit your video below

Tips and instructions for making your video:

  • The limit for videos is 90-180 seconds.
  • Videos must be filmed in colour and have audio.
  • We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the great media training opportunities provided by the Science Media Centre, before filming and submitting your video.
  • You must begin your video with a head and shoulders shot of yourself, and make the following statement “My name is (your name) from (your institution) and I am going to talk about (your topic)”.
  • Avoid scientific jargon, remember the target audience is the general public.
  • Ensure you have a coherent progression in your video, with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Avoid having too many messages, stick to a single strong focus.
  • Be creative - film on location, in the lab or even in a tree! You may use figures or animations to explain key points but the main focus of the video should be your presentation.
  • Be mindful of your presenting style. Engage with the camera, make eye contact, use hand gestures, convey your enthusiasm for your topic.
  • Remember that the aim is to be a public scientist and not an advocate, so avoid conflict of interest (for example promoting proprietary products) and be mindful that your job is to guide the viewer through the scientific arguments and to present alternative perspectives if there is controversy.
  • Sci21 does NOT give platform to discriminatory content in terms of gender, ethnicity, culture of any other identity.
  • Please avoid criticism of the government, crown agencies, universities or other institutions. This is about showcasing all that is good and exciting in science!

Finally, please do take time to review your video before you submit to us. Ask yourself, can I film it better? Is the sound quality good enough? Is the message clear? Is it exciting? A good idea is to get a friend or family member (who is not a scientist) to watch it and give you feedback.

Once we receive your video, it will be reviewed by at least three science communicators. You will be informed once a decision has been made to post the video on the Sci21 portal, or to request that the video is re-filmed with improvements prior to resubmission.

Upload your video using to send files to with a word document including your video title, name, organisation, email contact and any other information you wish to be included in the video description.

By uploading your video to the portal you agree to transfer copyright of this item in favour of Sci21

We currently accept most video formats including mov, mp4, avi, mp3, m4a and mpg however not m4v, if you wish to use this format please zip it first.

Drop Your Video here Browse
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