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Dr. Craig Stevens

NIWA, New Zealand

Craig Stevens is a physical oceanographer with a joint position at NIWA (NZ National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research) and the University of Auckland. With training at the Universities  of Adelaide, Western Australia and British Columbia, his research focus is on the fate of energy injected into the planet’s oceans at celestial scales (tides, solar heating) and how energy exchange processes affect us all through influences on biological, ecological and/or physical transformation. Field expeditions have taken him from Cook Strait to Antarctica; from water-filled mine pits in Canada to tidal turbines in the U.K.; from inland seas in Europe to the Southern Ocean.  Stevens has been successful in both Marsden Fund (NZ basic science funding) supported work and applied industrial research. He has a high outreach profile in New Zealand, helping to explain the value of the oceans around New Zealand to the public and is the current President of the New Zealand Association of Scientists.

Understanding the Oceans

At the human scale our planet is an ocean planet.  It dominates our climate and modulates the weather.  It feeds us and entertains us.  It was a barrier and conduit for our civilisations as they developed and expanded. How does it work and why should we care?  When we look back at our oceans from space with the right goggles on we see swirls and whorls.  What’s the deal with all this variability and how does it to relate to understanding some of the biggest challenges of our time – climate, food and energy?  Let’s explore the oceans using the giant leaps in technology allowing us to re-vision and understand the 2/3rds of our planet covered in wonderful seawater.
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