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Dr. John Perrott

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

John is a lecturer, conservation biologist, and Mātauranga Māori adviser with over 20 years experience. He has a passion for New Zealand indigenous species and history. His background in education, consultation and research is broad and includes the implementation of several research and species management projects and Mātauranga Māori mentoring programmes for students working towards degrees in science.

Matauranga Maori: Connecting Indigenous Knowledge with Science

There are not enough Maori studying or working in science. Why? How do we attract Maori into science, what are the barriers and how do we overcome them? Mātauranga Māori highlights the importance of understanding the interrelated connectedness between people, the things we do, and our values. It accentuates the importance of valuing people and human life and connects the lecturer and student by stressing the importance of ensuring emerging ideas and technology are not created at the expense of first nation peoples or the natural world.
Emergin infectious diseases with Associate Professor Gavin Smith

Watch Dr. John Perrott’s Sci21 webcast, Matauranga Maori: Connecting Indigenous Knowledge with Science