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Dr. Pouyan Zarnani

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Pouyan is a lecturer in Structural Engineering at the Auckland University of Technology. He was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at the Auckland University (UoA) where he obtained his PhD. His research interests lie in the areas of structural connections and earthquake-resistant technologies. He has pioneered a novel Resilient Slip Friction Joint (RSFJ - winner of Spark's $100k Challenge) which provides an advanced technology for seismic damage avoidance design of buildings. He is the science leader of a MBIE research project ($3.4M) in collaboration with Prof Pierre Quenneville from UoA as the co-science leader for implementation of this new technology.

Earthquake Proofing

With a clear global increase in frequency and impact of seismic events, engineers’ effort has been focused on the development of techniques which not only provide life-safety, but also aim to minimise damage so that buildings could be reoccupied quickly with minimal business interruption and repair costs. The conventional seismic solutions are established based on “High-Damage” concepts where the structure experiences significant level of damage to dissipate earthquake energy. During the last decades, improvements in seismic design have resulted in “Low-Damage” concepts where the damage is controlled and limited to sacrificial fuses in the structure to be replaceable after severe events. The newly introduced RSFJ technology could provide a “Damage-Avoidance” solution (as the third generation) due to no post-event maintenance and cost-efficiency, a market-changing seismic technology.
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